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Eyes-protector Pearl Pills

Made from rare natural herbs, international standardized extracts,progressive products,scientifically formulated combinations, independently tested and analyzed.This featured product can tonify the liver and kidney, and protect eyes and strengthen eye-sight. The strongest concentration on cateract, glaucoma,photophobia lacrimation, astigmatism, running tears by wind, night blindness, and the congenital short-sighted of teenagers, genetic sight weakness etc. More Information, Please Click Here->

Jue Ming Zi

Choslesterol/Eye Care Formula(Jue Ming Zi hebal tea)

Reguates blood fat,Lowers cholesterol level,Helps to build immunity,Prevents arterioslerosis,Improves liver & kidney function
Main ingredient :
Jue Ming Zi
Directions :
Put the tea into boiling water(120ml), and then drink.One bag each time, twice a day, 30 days for one treatment.
More Information, Please Click Here->

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness around the world.Today they are the major cause of vision loss.
Cataracts can best be described as an opaque spot on the lens of the eye that you cannot see through. At best, you seem to be looking through a cloud or a haze, and this haze can vary in size, density and location. Therefore, its effect on your vision will also vary. Many people experience a general reduction in vision at first; they need more light to read by, or they have difficulty with street signs when they'e driving. This opaqueness can also effect depth perception. This can be a particular danger to older people who risk greater injury from falls and accidents.

The function of liver in TCM
The liver is located in the hypochondrium. It is responsible for regulating the smooth flow of Qi, storage of blood, and dominates the tendons, The liver opens to the eyes, and manifests on the nails.

The function of kidneys in TCM
The kidneys are located in the lumber region. The kidneys store vital essence, manufacture marrow, dominate bones, and are the source for growth, development, and reproduction. They also governwater metabolism and the reception of Qi (energy). The kidneys open to the ears, and manifest in the hair.

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