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Anti-rhinitis Pills
Based on the 30-year old formula developed by the renowned anti-rhinitis physicians in our hospital. Anti-rhinitis Pills can clear away the pathogenic heat and neutralizing toxic substances, open the inhibited lung-energy to improve the inspiration.
The strongest concentration on acute and chronic rhinitis, hay fever, pollen, sinusitis, sneezing and some other allergies.

Sinusitis Formula (Cang Er Zi Herbal Tea)

This tea has the ability to clear away the pathogenic heat and toxic sub-stances, open the inhibited lung-energy, improve the respiration.
Rhinitis, hay fever, sinus, pollen, sneezing, and other allergies.
Main ingredient :Cang Er Zi
Put the tea into boiling water (120ml), and then drink.One bag each time, once a day,10 days for one treatment. More information, please click here->

Rhinitis in TCM
Patients with acute or chronic sinusitis may suffer from distending or pulsating pain in forehead, starting in the morning and reduced in the afternoon, with local tenderness or knocking pain.

Patients with acute maxillary sinusitis may suffer from toothache of upper teeth and pain in cheeks with tenderness in notch of the canine tooth.

Patients with acute ethmoidal sinusitis may suffer from pain in forehead and inner can thus of eye with tenderness in this region, increase of nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, redness and swelling of nasal mucosa, especially over middle concha, impairment of sense of smell, and purulent discharge in middle meatus of ear

In recent years, the incidence of allergic rhinitis has increased, and the therapeutic effect of herbal medicine has been successful. With our featured products we can produce a 90 percent cure rate and 100 precent effective rate. This disease is caused by an allergy tu fur, fibers, pollen, dust, and chemicals and patients may suffer from sneezing, running nose, and nasal obstruction.

Letters from our clients:

"I am a 48 year old man with cerebral palsy since early childhood with allergies since age 35. My allergy symptoms indluce sneezing, rhinorrhea, sinus headaches, cough and eustachian tube congestion which sometimes could cause my earache and ear pressure increased. I was unable to tolerate allergy injections, even in low dose could cause me coughing in an hour later.
Last year, I was lucky enough to visit your hospital and Dr. Lu recommended me your featured products anti-rhinitis pills for 3 months' suplies, after the treatment, the symptoms of my coughing, asthma, wheezing and sinus congestion and headache, depresstion was greatly improved and under a good control. I feel I am getting more healthy"

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