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Herbs for Depression and Anxiety

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Chinese herbs used to relieve depression and anxiety all move the Liver QI (qi of the chest ). Taken alone, these herbs may exert only a mild effect. In certain combinations, however, the results can be quite powerful.

Chai hu, or bupleurum, is the best known of these herbs. Though it is classified as a surface relieving herb, which might be used for colds, etc., its most common use by far, is to move the qi of the chest (Liver QI). Its ability to do this is greatly enhanced by combining it with a small amount of mint (bo he).

He huan pi or he huan hua, mimosa bark or flower (albezzia) is classified as a heart nourishing herb. When combined with dan shen (salvia miltorrhiza), it strongly moves the qi of the chest.

Other herbs used in these formulas include poria (fu shen), red dates (hong zao), and wheat berries (fu xiao mai). Oyster shell (mu li), fossil bone (long gu), amber (hu pou), and loadstone (ci shi) are considered strong stabilizing agents, and are administered for limited periods of time to stablize the spirit.

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