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    4 Coordination and balance
    Traditional Chinese medicine,Chinese medicine,Health,Nature,Master,Prevention
    Coordination of physiological functional states of the human body and the relationships with the external environment, balance of the normal functions of each system and tissues and organs of the organism as well as exchanges of material between functions of organism and nature are the important academic content of traditional Chinese life cultivation and rehabilitation.

    Balance of elements
    The interpromotion and restraint of the five elements maintain ecological balance in nature and the physiological coordination and balance of the human body. Besides, the human body should have the balance and coordination of chemical elements in nature. For instance, iodine deficiency gives rise to thyroid enlargement and zinc deficiency to infertility. According to the concept of balance of elements in TCM, imbalance of elements inside the human body should be remedied to keep the coordination and balance of various elements inside the body.

    Coordinative balance
    Dysfunctions, loss of symmetry and unstable states of the human body are the important causes giving rise to physiological hypofunction, premature ageing and diseases of the human body. There exist the theory and methods of coordinative balance in the medical techniques of life cultivation and rehabilitation in TCM. For example, there are such methods as "treating diseases in the upper part by managing the lower", "treating diseases in the lower by managing the upper", "treating diseases in the left by managing the right" and "treating diseases in the right by managing the left” in acumoxi and massage as well as "alternation of physical labor and mental one" and "alternation of movement and motionlessness" in life cultivation.
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