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    3 Interdependence of movement and motionlessness
    Traditional Chinese medicine,Chinese medicine,Health,Nature,Master,Prevention
    Movement of yang and motionlessness of yin

    Viscera belong to yin, characterized by motionlessness. Functional activities pertain to yang, marked by movement. The coordination of movement with motionlessness of visceral functions of organism completes all the absorption, transportation and transformation of food, the circulation and metabolism of water, the flow of qi and blood, the transportation and excretion of digested stuff, mutual transformation of material and function, etc. Therefore, maintaining proper harmony between movement and motionlessness can make every organ function vigorously. As a result, the ageing and changes of each organ are delayed.

    Coordination between movement and motionlessness
    Of Chinese experts on life cultivation in successive dynasties, some relatively attached importance to movement, some to tranquility. However, most of them advocated the combination of movement and motionlessness. According to different people and situations, relative emphasis is placed on one aspect to gain the effect of simultaneous nourishment of physique and spirit. Life cultivation with concurrent movement and motionlessness, proper adjustment of movement and motionlessness and equal stress on both are the important principles of traditional Chinese life cultivation and rehabilitation.
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