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    2 Unity of physique and spirit

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    Physique refers to the configuration and constitution of the human body consisting of the tissues and organs of muscle, blood vessels, tendons, bones, viscera, etc. as the material base of mare spirit refers to the mental activities such as emotions, consciousness and thinking. It also denotes the outward manifestations of all vital activities as the reflections of the functions of the human body.

    Physique as the base
    "Physique" is the material base of "spirit". TCM believes "the five types of spirit" (vitality, soul, vigor, will and consciousness) and five emotions (joy, anger, sorrow, anxiety and fear) are produced by the five zang organs (the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney) respectively. "Spirit" requires the nourishment of qi, blood and food essence. In case of spiritual disorders, the treatment should be based on the five zang organs. This is the specific manifestation of unity of physique and spirit, and physique as the material base of spirit.

    Spirit as the commander
    The cardiac spirit functions as the commander and coordinator of the human body. The wholeness of characteristics, functions, behavior and principles reflected in vital activities are all managed, coordinated and unified by spirit. Thus, there exist the measures of putting "cultivation of disposition" and "regulation of the mind" first in life cultivation. These methods of life cultivation with regulation of the mind are also applicable to physical diseases.

    Simultaneous cultivation of spirit and physique
    This means that people should not only pay attention to conserving their physique, but also to the cultivation of spirit. The two aspects supplement each other and promote mutually to achieve the harmonious and unified development of the body and spirit.

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