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    4 Defecation and urination
    Cultivating good habits of defecation and urination is of a great significance for health and longevity. Keeping free movement of the bowels
    The ancient life cultivation experts attached extreme importance to free movement of the bowels. It is regarded as a symbol of longevity that an old person defecates regularly two times a day. Constant constipation may cause the ascending of turbid qi, adverse and disorderly qi flow and blood circulation, and visceral dysfunctions, consequently giving rise to or inducing many diseases such as headache, toothache, anal and intestinal diseases, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular accident and intestinal cancer. The methods of keeping free movement of the bowels include: ? cultivating the habit of defecation at fixed time; ? defecating naturally without forced control if there exists stool and no forced defecation if there is no stool; ? catharsis with massage; clockwise massage can enhance enterogastric functions, digestive and excretory functions while massaging abdominal region regularly promotes catharsis; ? paying attention to the perianal hygiene and recuperation after defecation. The toilet paper used should be thin and soft. Every night before bed time, the anus is washed with warm and clean water. Sitz-bath with warm water is adopted to keep the anus clean and to maintain good blood circulation.
    As for food, oats gruel is better for catharsis, especially for old people. Oats not only relieves constipation, but also reduces cholesterol and triglyceride. Therefore, it has slimming effect as well.
    Healthcare after defecation should not be ignored, either. For example, it is advisable to eat some soup or drink some beverage in the case of defecation after overeating to strengthen the stomach qi and promote digestion. In the case of starvation, sitting position is advisable for defecation. Ingestion of a small amount of food is proper after defecation. Besides, drawing up anal muscle may be conducted for 3 to 5 times, the purpose of both is to supplement and consolidate healthy qi. Maintaining clear and smooth urination
    The ancient life cultivation experts attached great importance to hygiene of urination. Maintaining clean urine and smooth urination is the important content of conserving the health of the body. The specific methods are mainly as follows. ? Reasonable diet: Small amount of ingestion; vegetarian diet, no immediate drinking after meal, drinking in the case of thirst, etc. are the experience of the ancients for ensuring clean urination. ? diuresis with massage: Massage of the waist: Assume the erectly sitting position. Place the hands on the back to push and rub upwards to the back and downwards to the sacrococcygeal region for 30 to 50 times until the back gets warm. It may be performed at bed time at night and at the time to get up in the morning. Massage of the abdomen: Assume the supine position and regulate breathing. Rub the palms against each other until they get warm. Then, place the palm on the abdomen. Firstly, push and rub the two sides of the abdomen; then, push the middle of the lower abdomen, both of which are done for 30 times. The movements should shift gradually from gentle ones to forceful ones and the force should be mild, slow and even. It is performed in the morning and at night. ? Forced control over urination should be avoided. Urination should be timely when there exists urine. Forced control over urination may impair the kidney and the urinary bladder qi, causing pathological changes.
    In addition, emotions, sexual life and movements also influence urination to a certain degree. Therefore, people should keep optimistic, regulate sexual life and exercise properly.
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