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    1 Environments
    Environments include natural environments and artificial environments. Natural environments include air, water, soil, rocks, living things, etc. on the earth; artificial environments refer to the urban and rural living residential environments built by man for collective life. The indoor environment is included in the artificial environments.
    The ancient Chinese fengshuishu (geomancy) was the theory and art which studies how to establish an ideal environment beneficial to prolonging life and life cultivation. It was the comprehensive theory of ancient architectural planning and design integrating geography, ecology, architecture, ethics, aesthetics, etc. into an organic whole. Synthesizing the essentials of the above aspects, the ancient Chinese feugshuishu believed that the natural environment suitable for man is the one with clear and plentiful water source, fresh air, sufficient sunlight, good vegetation as well as a quiet secluded and beautiful landscape. This type of natural environment not only satisfies the basic human need of material life, but also suits the special human psychological requirement.
    Because of geographical causes in certain places, "goiter prevails in the mountain area" and "malaria prevails in the south of the Five Ridges (the area covering Guangdong and Guangxi"), etc. Many TCM treatises have realized these phenomena long before. In addition, the trace elements essential for the human body also distribute differently under different geographical conditions. For example, endemic goiter easily occurs in iodine deficiency areas while fluorine deficiency gives rise to dental caries, etc. Apart from the above, certain radioactive substances are also harmful to the human body such as uranium ore and phosphorus ore. Powerful radioactive sources may give rise to increased incidences of anemia, leukemia and cancer in local people.
    Therefore, people should try their best to avoid the areas and ores, which are not beneficial to human health, high tension lines and strong magnetic field as well as the locally built living areas with supersonic waves and radioactive rays.
    Besides, harnessing pollution of air, water sources and noises is the basic conditions to ensure health. It needs the joint efforts Of the government, society, families and individuals for the establishment of an environment beneficial to health and longevity.
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