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    1 The characteristics and applying principles of enhancing health with sports activities in TCM The main characteristics of traditional Chinese sports activities Being under the guidance of TCM theories The methods of strengthening health with traditional sports activities are based on TCM theories of yin and yang, viscera, qi and blood, meridians and collaterals. etc. The basic essentials of these sports activities include nourishing essence, training qi and regulating the mind. Therefore, people should study TCM theories carefully and apply the theories to the practice of physical training. Attaching importance to the harmony and unity of mental concentration, regulating breathing and exercising the body Mental concentration refers to highly concentrated mind, regulating breathing to regulation of respiration, and exercising the body to training the body, the three of which should be harmonious and cooperative to achieve unity between the body and spirit, interflow of mind and qi, and interaction between the body and qi. Only when the interior and exterior of the body are harmonious, movement and motionlessness are moderate, can the effects of life cultivation and rehabilitation be gained. Applying principles of life cultivation and rehabilitation with sports activities Unity of the body and spirit The main points of life cultivation and rehabilitation with sports activities are the unity of mental concentration, regulating respiration and exercising the body. The relationships among the three are as follows, direct qi with the mind and move the body with qi, the purposes of which are to achieve the harmony between the interior and exterior, general flow of qi and blood, and overall training of the whole organism. Being reasonable and moderate Emphasis should be placed on moderation and orderly and gradual advancement, whereas seeking success impatiently should not be allowed. Otherwise, acting with undue haste may lead to the consequence of more haste, less speed. Persevering in one's efforts "Running water is never stale and a door hinge never gets worm-eaten." Only when one perseveres in one' s effort can better effects of life cultivation and rehabilitation be achieved. Traditional sports activities train not only the body, but also will and stamina.

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