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    3 Sand bath

    Sand bath is the method to achieve the therapeutic effects by means of heat transmission into the body with sand directly contacting the body as the medium. It has very good therapeutic effects on rheumatic arthritis and diseases of motor system.
    The mechanism of sand bath mainly lies in the comprehensive therapeutic effects of magnetic therapy (the sand contains magnetic substances), physical therapy (dryness, high temperature and infrared radiation), massage, sunbath, etc. Sand bath can remove obstruction of meridians, relax muscles, tendons and bones, eliminate intractable diseases, promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism.
    The method of taking a sand bath is burying the whole body except the head, or part of the body in the hot solarized sand. With the scorching sun overhead and the burning sand under the body, patients perspire all over the body and the heat is almost unendurable. Sand bath just makes use of such thermal effect to cure diseases. In general, taking sand bath once or twice can eliminate the diseases for patients with rheumatic arthritis, ischias, disturbances of nervous system, etc. It also has therapeutic effects on diseases such as chronic diseases of digestive tract and dysfunctions of autonomic nerve.
    Sand bath lasts about 10 to 15 minutes each time in accordance with the air temperature and the sand temperature. Ten days constitute one course of treatment.

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