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    3 Comprehensive nursing

    Prevention,Chinese medicine,Traditional Chinese medicine,Chinese herbal,herbal tea,Nature or social or harmonious,Comprehensive nursing

    The combination of general nursing with special nursing

    Special nursing should be given to the patient at the stage of recovery according to the patient's condition in special cases besides the routine nursing. For instance, the key link of preventing the complications such as bed sore should be seized in the patients with hemiplegia, paraplegia and prolonged bed rest. For these patients, nursing in urination, defecation and affected limbs should be even more careful. The methods such as acupuncture, massage, ear acupuncture and hot medicated compress may be adopted in nursing to keep smooth defecation. The affected limbs should keep locally warm and often applied with safflower oil and massaged while injection should be avoided on the affected limbs as much as possible. As for the diseases of respiratory system, close attention should be paid to the state of asthma. Generally, critical symptoms easily occur in the early morning such as polypnea, profuse accumulation of sputum and saliva and difficulty in supination due to gasp. Therefore, the nursing staff should help the patient to expectorate the sticky sputum by turning him over, patting his back and wiping his chest, and with finger-press method and acupuncture in time. Mental recreation and work nursing should be simultaneously arranged besides the routine nursing for the patients with mental defect.

    The integration of various nursing methods

    Comprehensive nursing is mostly adopted in rehabilitation nursing due to the specific characteristics in the rehabilitation patients. For example, various nursing methods may be commonly adopted like diet nursing, psychological nursing, strengthening health with sports and functional training; the patients with aphasia and paralysis suffer physically and most of them have mental and emotional disturbances at the same time because of the lack of communication with the outside world due to prolonged bed rest. Thus, the nursing staff should not only turn them over, bathe them, replace their underclothes with the new ones and do other such kinds of routine nursing regularly, but also cooperate with functional training and massage of the affected limbs as well as attach importance to psychological nursing. The comprehensive application of various rehabilitation techniques and methods can promote the rehabilitation process.

    Prevention,Chinese medicine,Traditional Chinese medicine,Chinese herbal,herbal tea,Nature or social or harmoniou,hospital nursing
    The combination of self-nursing and family nursing with hospital nursing

    Self-nursing mainly includes careful prevention of exogenous pathogenic factors, cultivation of temperament, regulation of diet, physical training with sports, etc. It attaches importance to self nursing and recuperation, and benefits the rehabilitation of the diseased body.

    The nursing staff are mainly the patient's family members in terms of family nursing. They should take care of the patient's daily life and diet arrangement, and communicate emotionally with the patient. All these are of prime importance for the rehabilitation of the patient's somatopsychic health.

    Hospital nursing is mainly undertaken by rehabilitation nurses. Rehabilitation nurses should receive certain specialized training and have a good command of certain special skills such as various functional training methods and massage. Rehabilitation nurses are responsible for the specific implementation of rehabilitation methods, provide the preventive measures of various complications and dynamically report the changes of the patient's condition and the comprehensive nursing from the operation of nursing techniques and functional training with sports to mental and dietary recuperation, etc. The rehabilitation effects are not only related to the evaluation of the doctors and rehabilitation medicine, but also have close ties with the nursing work.

    The organic combination of self nursing and family nursing, with hospital nursing, which cooperate and supplement mutually, is one of the characteristics of the rehabilitation nursing in traditional Chinese medicine. It plays an important role in smoothly carrying out the comprehensive rehabilitation nursing, promoting the patient's recovery and preventing complications.

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