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    1 Nursing with the concept of wholism

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    Nursing with the concept of wholism means that during the rehabilitation nursing period, nursing staff should understand thoroughly the mutual relationships among various viscera and tissues of the human body and consider the roles which the seasonal climatic changes, social environment, etc. play in the rehabilitation of diseases, and that only in this way can the somatopsychic health be restored to the greatest extent in the patient so that he will return to society as soon as possible.

    Nursing in conformity to seasonal changes

    Man lives in nature and is closely related to nature. Seasonal changes with summer going and winter coming during a year, etc. all can unavoidably influence the ascension and descension of yin and yang, circulation of qi and blood and visceral asthenia and sthenia of the human body.Rehabilitation nursing should conform to the natural law to arrange reasonable nursing. For example, in summer, the rehabilitation ward should be well-ventilated, cooled and the cold color light and curtain installed to achieve the cool and comfortable feeling; in winter, attention should be paid to the prevention of cold and heat preservation, and the ward should be equipped with the warm color light and curtain; in spring, yang qi rises and ask the patient to have more outdoor activities; in the scorching summer, it is advisable for people to have activities in the shade of trees and indoors to avoid profuse perspiration and prevent sunstroke due to consumption of qi and yin; in autumn and winter, yang qi contracts internally and yin and essence are in storage interiorly.Therefore, large amount of exercise is not advisable to prevent the consumption of essence and qi.

    Adaptation to social environment

    As an element of society, man's various activities are influenced by the social environment. Especially, the occurrence, development, even rehabilitation of certain emotional disorders are closely related to the social environmental factors. Good environmental factors and cheerful emotions may promote the patient's recovery as soon as pessible; poor environmental atmosphere is not beneficial to rehabilitation, even may aggravate diseases. The rehabilitation nursing staff should be familiar with the patient's interpersonal relationships such as marriage, love, family and friends as well as the social status, working conditions, likes and dislikes, etc. They should make the patient mentally prepared and straight him out intentionally so as to restore the normal psychology of the patient with the psychological disorder or disturbance as soon as possible.

    Attaching equal importance to internal and external factors

    The human body is an indispensable organic whole. Man's viscera, limbs and skeleton are physiologically related to and pathologically influence one another. Accordingly, the rehabilitation nursing staff should familiarize themselves with the internal relationships among viscera and tissues, observe the patient's condition closely, discover the developing tendency of the disease at all times so that the reliable material can be provided for the doctor to work out or revise the rehabilitation measures.

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