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    6 Constitution with blood stasis

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    Constitutional characteristics: Dim and sluggish complexion, dark lips and eye sockets, dry skin, purple tongue or with petechiae, thready and unsmooth pulse.

    Regulating the mind
    People with blood stasis should develop optimism. In the case of a cheerful frame of mind, qi and blood flow harmoniously, nutrient qi and defensive qi circulate smoothly. This is beneficial to the improvement of constitution with blood stasis. Conversely, depression and melancholy may aggravate the tendency of blood stasis.

    Regulating the diet
    People with blood stasis may often eat the foods of activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis such as walnut, rape, arrowhead and black soybean. They may often drink a bit of spirit and a proper amount of vinegar. The medicated diet includes Haw Gruel and Peanut Gruel.

    Life cultivation with drugs
    The drugs of promoting blood circulation and tonifying blood may be selected like Dihuang (Radix Rehmanniae ) , Danshen ( Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae ), Chuanxiong (Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong), Danggui ( Radix Angelicae Sinensis ) , Wujiapi ( Cortege Acanthopancis Radicis ), Diyu ( Radix Sanguisorbae ), Xuduan ( Radix Dipsaci ) and Chongweizi ( Semen Leonuri ).

    Physical training
    Participating in physical training moderately is beneficial to promoting blood circulation and activating collaterals such as various dances, Taijiquan and eight-section brocade.

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