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    5 Developing good habits

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    Sleeping hygiene
    The habit of going to bed and getting up in time should be developed from childhood. The habit of being carried in sleeping should not be cultivated. Teasing and joking with the child is not advisable before the child falls asleep while telling terrifying stories and playing exciting games are not allowable, either.

    It is not suitable that the quilt is too heavy, excessively thick and extremely warm. Supination and lateral position are both acceptable while pronation is not advisable. The child should be often helped to change the sleeping posture and the direction of lateral position in case the cranial bone should develop into deformity. The pillow should not be too high.

    Physical hygiene
    Regular defecation and urination should be trained from about six months after the birth. The habit of washing hands before meals and after defecation and urination should be cultivated from about the age of one. The child should wash the face and feet while the vulva should be also washed in girls. The hair should be regularly washed, the body regularly bathed, the clothes frequently washed and replaced and the nails often trimmed. The child should rinse the month and brush the teeth after meals, but cannot go to sleep with the candy in mouth. At the age of four, the child should develop the ability to take care of himself and the correct postures. The common knowledge of health care should be instructed to prevent caries, myopia, trachoma, deformity of spinal column, tarsoptosis and infectious diseases. The preventive inoculation is regularly and quantitatively done, and the physical examination regularly conducted in order to prevent diseases and enhance immunity.

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