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    4 Training physique

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    The natural sunlight and air should be fully utilized to train the physique. The outdoor activities should be ensured at least for two to three hours a day in children below 10. It is advisable to have such activities as gymnastics, swimming, playing games, short-distance running, Wushu, rope skipping and ball games. Children should play more intelligence-benefiting games to promote the development of intelligence. These games may be as follows.

    Flexing fingers
    Flex fingers of both hands simultaneously. Flex the thumb of the left hand and the little finger; or flex the index finger of the left hand and ring finger of the right hand. The movements proceed from slow ones to quick ones. After a period of exercise, alternate the left and right hands for more exercises.

    Pointing to the nose and eyes
    The parent holds an extending palm of the child with one hand and pats it with the other hand. The child uses the index finger of the other hand to point to the apex of nose. The other four fingers make a fist. Every time when the parents pat the palm of the child and shouts directions like "nose", "eye", "mouth" and "ear". When the parents shout the direction "nose", the child will keep his finger still. But the child should follow the parent's directions to point the index finger to the right place quickly the instance the other directions are given. The directions and the finger movements appear almost at the same times. Thus the child may point wrongly. This makes the people around laugh a lot. The game is very helpful to train the child's reactive, judging and emergency-meeting abilities.

    Rubbing and striking the knees
    Extend the left hand with the palm putting on the left knee-cap; make a fist with the right hand. After shouting "Begin!", rub the thigh forward and backward with the left hand, and strike the knee-cap upward and downward with the right fist at the same time. At the beginning of the game, the left hand subconsciously changes into the same movement of striking the knee-cap as the right hand, or the right hand shifts to the same movement of rubbing the knee as the left hand. After the people gradually get used to the game, his two hands wilt adapt to their respective movement step by step. At this time, another person may shout "Change!" to ask exerciser to exchange the movements of the left and right hands. At first, this exchange may cause the exerciser to be in a muddle and make other people around laugh merrily.

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