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    1 Establishing the psychological state of being optimistic, open-minded, kind and enterprising

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    The aged should have deep love for life, maintain self-confidence, make frequent use of the brain, do more good turns and treat others open-mindedly, magnanimously, modestly, kindly and gently. All these are beneficial to health.

    The old people should avoid various unfavorable environments and mental stimulations. They should do their best to avoid the environments and scenes of the death, funeral, disaster, grief and depression. The revelrous, pretty and coquettish, frivolous and obscene occasions are not suitable for them. They should cultivate the happy and pleasing temperament according to the personal character and interest like tranquilizing the mind to sit quietly, chatting with friends, watching fish beside the pond and walking through the forest to listen to the bird's singing. This can make them content with their lot in life and is beneficial to health and longevity.

    Senior citizens should acquire optimism and the confidence to defeat diseases, participate in some meaningful activities and training, actively cooperate with the doctor in treatment, have the physical examination regularly to discover the unfavorable signs as soon as possible for the timely prevention and treatment.

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