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    4 Abstinence from mental overstrain
    Prevention,Chinese medicine,Traditional Chinese medicine,Chinese herbal,herbal tea,Nature or social or harmonious,Abstinence from mental overstrain
    Mental overstrain refers to excessive mental labor and mental overfatigue. Over-exertion in daily study and work as well as ignorance of proper rest is the main cause of mental overstrain. Besides, mental overstrain may result from the prolonged anxieties due to lack of correct understanding of certain things or phenomena in daily life, inability to meet the desire, failure to solve a problem despite much thought, or poor adaptive capacity to various outside stimulations. It has been clinically proved that long-term mental stress and excessive mental labor are not beneficial to the rehabilitation of diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular accident, cancer and ulcer. In addition, the exacerbation or deterioration of these diseases is closely related to heavy mental labor and constant overanxiety.

    Abstinence from mental overstrain should avoid excessive mental labor during the process of work and study at first. Especially during the rehabilitation and recuperation, people should give up the original work and study to get the brain fully relaxed. Secondly, deal with all the patients correctly. Some patients cannot endure the cruel blow when faced with the lifelong or very harmful diseases such as traumatic paraplegia and cancer. In these cases, they feel unfair and are in the mental state of prolonged anxiety and suffering. As a result, the disease worsens. Medical and nursing staff should straighten out these patients actively and offer psychological treatment to them purposefully. Thirdly, people should approach various unhappy happenings in life correctly. Consider every thing from a long-term point of view, be free from avarice and wild fancy and do not be preoccupied with the personal gains and losses. Finally, people should reasonably arrange various recreational activities to use the brain. These activities should not affect the normal rest. Moreover, people should not be preoccupied with the losing and winning.
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