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    3 Health care for linguistic disabilities
    Linguistic disabilities include two major groups. aphasia (like the loss of linguistic function after apoplectic seizure) as well as deafness and dumbness. Deafness and dumbness mostly are due to the severe deafness of two ears as a result of congenital factors or various causes during infancy. This results in the inability to learn speech, giving rise to deafness and dumbness. Of deafness and dumbness, deafness is the main cause which leads to dumbness. Deafness and dumbness are divided into congenital one and acquired one. The former includes the three major factors of hereditary, gestational and perinatal factors; the latter includes loss of hearing function due to infectious diseases, drug poisoning or certain accidental factors which may further develop into deafness and dumbness. Regulating emotions
    Due to the loss of communicative function with language, aphasia patients are susceptible to bad emotional reactions like impetuosity, irascibility or dispiritedness and pessimism. They are liable to sense of inferiority. Accordingly, people should adopt gesture language or other means of images to straighten them out. During their daily life and study, use encouraging methods such as awarding and praising to overcome their bad emotions like depression and pessimism. Organize the patients to participate in games, dances, fishing, flying the kite as well as appreciating calligraphy and painting. These activities may make them be in a cheerful frame of mind and increase joys of life. Sports Daoyin The method of "swallowing saliva" recorded in Chinese ancient books has better healthcare effect on aphasia patients. Do the exercise once in the morning and in the evening respectively. The methods are as follows. ? Assume the erectly standing posture, with the feet being as wide as the shoulder. Bend the knees slightly with the neck straight and shoulder dropped. Draw in the chest and lift the back. Put the overlapped hands on the place one cun below the navel [Qihai (CV6)], with the left hand inside and the right hand outside. Close the mouth, with the lingual tip touching the upper palate. Close the eyes slightly, with natural breathing. Enter a quiet state, with all distracting thoughts removed, and mindwill concentrated on Dantian. ? Stir the tongue in the mouth endlessly. This is the so-called "The Red Dragon Stirring the Sea". This makes the saliva in the mouth increase steadily. Wait until there is a mouthful of saliva and swallow it slowly in three divided doses. Meanwhile, send the saliva down to Yongquan (KI1) with the mindwill. Do the exercise for 6 times. ? Put the crossed hands in the front, with the thumbs fixing the chin. Open the mouth slightly and loosen the lower jaw. Move mindwill from Dantian to Yongquan (KI1). Afterwards, shake the hands towards the anterosuperior direction endlessly so that the loosened lower jaw loosens and shuts as the hands shake. This causes the lower teeth to tap the upper teeth, producing the sound of "snapping". Generally, the advisable tapping speed is 120 times a minute. Wait until there is a mouthful of saliva and swallow it slowly in three divided doses. Send the saliva to Dantin with mindwill. Do the exercise for three times. ? Rub the face and massage the head with the hands respectively for 36 times. The whole process is finished by now. Taijiquan and eight-section brocade The two events may be done respectively in the morning and in the evening, and the amount of exercise is gradually increased. The events make the patients be at ease of the mind and enhance physique.
    Please refer to the relevant content in "7.8.2 Hearing disabilities" as for healthcare with sports for people with deafness and dumbness. Life cultivation with the diet
    Aphasia patients should eat bland diet, avoid greasy, fine, sweet, dampness-promoting and fire-generating foods. It is advisable to eat more fruits like haws, apples, and bananas as well as more vegetables like celeries, radishes, wax gourds and potatoes. Quit smoking and drinking. As for asthenia of the liver and kidney, it is advisable to select Er Mu Yuan Yu, or Soft-shelled Turtle Stewed with Zhimu (Rhizoma Anemarrhenae ) and Beimu ( Bulbus Fritillariae ) (cited from Fu Ren Liang Fang, or Effective Prescriptions for Women ) The ingredients include one soft-shelled turtle (roughly 500 g), 5 g of Beimu ( Bulbus Fritillariae ), Zhimu ( Rhizoma Anemarrhenae ), Qianhu ( Radix Peucedani ), Chaihu (Radix Bupleuri ) and Xingren ( Semen Armeniacae Amarum) respectively and a proper amount of table salt. Add water to cover the meat. Steam the ingredients in a steamer for an hour. Eat the meat while it is warm after it is done. As for blood stasis due to qi deficiency, it is advisable to select Peach Kernel Gruel (cited from Duo Neng Bi Shi). The ingredients are 15 g of Huangqi (Radix As tragli seu Hedysari ), 10 to 15 g of peach kernel and 100 g of Jingmi (Fructus Oryzae Sativae ). First, pound the peach kernel to paste. Then, add water to grind the juice and remove the dregs. Finally, cook thin gruel with the juice and the rice.
    It is suitable for the patients with deafness and dumbness to eat more liver-and kidney-tonifying foods like animal kidneys, sea cucumbers and eels. As for the diet prescriptions, please refer to the relevant content of "7.8.2 Hearing disabilities". Health care with drugs
    It is advisable to regularly take Chinese patent medicines for tonifying the liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation and inducing resuscitation like Liuwei Dihuang Bolus (Bolus of Six Drugs Including Rehmannia) and Jie Yu Pill (Aphsia-curing Pill) at usual times. Nursing in daily life
    Participate in suitable sports activities to enhance physique. At the same time, take care to combine work and rest to avoid overfatigue. It is advisable to select light and nutritious foods. People should pay attention to the patients' psychological trends to ensure their safety during daily life.

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