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    5 Polyhidrosis
    Polyhidrosis refers to excessive perspiration of the body. It can be divided into spontaneous sweating, night sweat, sweating in shock, chilly sweating, yellowish sweating, etc. Polyhidrosis after recovery from a disease mainly belongs to spontaneous sweating and night sweat. Excessive and prolonged sweating inevitably consumes yin, yang, qi and blood of the human body.
    Syndrome differentiation and treatment
    Unconsolidation due to qi deficiency
    It manifests spontaneous sweating, aversion to cold aggravated by slight strain, susceptibility to common cold, tiredness, hypodynamia, lustreless complexion, pale tongue with white and thin fur and weak pulse. It is advisable to supplement qi and consolidate the superficial body resistance. The prescription used is the modified Yupingfeng Powder (Jade Screen Powder). In the case of profuse sweat, add Fuxiaomai (Fructus Fritici Levis), Nuodaogen (Radix Oryzae Glutinosae) and Muli (Concha Ostreae); in the case of severe qi deficiency, add Dangshen (Radix Codonopsis Pilosutae ), Huangjing (Rhizoma Potygonati ) and Zhigancao ( Radix Glycyrrhizae Praeparata); in the case of cold body and aversion to cold due to concurrent yang deficiency, Huangqi Jianzhong Decoction (Decoction of Astragalus for Tonifying Middle Energizer) is used in combination with Yupingfeng Powder (Jade Screen Powder); in the case of concurrent general aching pain, alternate cold and fever and slow pulse pertaining to incoordination between nutrient qi and defensive qi or with concurrent slight exopathy, the modified Guizhi Decoction (Cinnamon Twig Decoction) is used to regulate nutrient qi and defensive qi.
    Intemal heat due to yin deficiency
    It manifests night sweat, dysphoria with less sleep, feverish chest, palms and soles, or osteopyrexia and hectic fever, flushing of zygomatic region, dry mouth, red tongue with a little fur, thready and rapid pulse. It is suitable to nourish yin and remove fire. The prescription used is the modified Liuhuang Decoction. In the case of profuse sweat, add Muli (Concha Ostreae), Fuxiaomai (Fructus Tritici Levis) and Noudaogen (Radix Oryzae Glutinosae); in the case of severe hectic fever, add Qinjiao (Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae ) , Yinchaihu ( Radix Stellariae ) and Baiwei ( Radix Cynanchi Atrati ); in the case of yin deficiency of the lung and kidney with less fire and heat, it is advisable to use the modified Maiwei Dihuang Bolus (Eight-Immortal Longevity Bolus).
    Deficiency of both yin and yang
    It manifests spontaneous sweating, endless night sweat, emaciation, weakness of limbs, cold body, aversion to cold, palpitation with less sleep, pale complexion with flushing of cheeks, feverish palms and soles, reddish tongue, thready and weak pulse. It is advisable to warm yang and strengthen yin. The prescription used is the modified Biejia Powder (Powder of Carapax Trionycis). In the case of deficiency of qi and blood with concurrent short breath and palpitation, use Renshen Yangrong Decoction (Gingseng Nutrition Decoction) ; in the case of deficiency of both qi and yin with concurrent dysphoria, fever and short breath, select Xiyangshen (Radix Panacis Quinguefolii ), Shengdihuang ( Radix Rehmanniae ), Maimendong (Radix Ophiopogonis), Huanglian (Rhizoma Coptidis ), Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae ) , Xiaomai (Fructus Trtiici Levis ), Baihe ( Bulbus Lilii ), Zhuye (Folium Phyllistachydis Nigrae ), Lianzixin ( Plumula Nelumbinis) and the like.
    Rehabilitation methods
    Regulating emotions and recreation therapy
    Avoid emotional anxiety, impetuosity and excitement to remain a sound and stable mental state. Besides, participate in recreational activities like balls and appreciating music under the guidance of a doctor. When dancing, select the social dance with slow rhythm; when appreciating music, select lively music.
    Acumox and massage
    Acumox: In the case of spontaneous sweating, select Daheng (SP 15), Hegu (LI 4), Yuji (LU 10), Fuliu (KI 7) and Neiting (ST 44); in the case of night sweat, Jianshi (PC 5), Hegu (LI 4), Yuji (LU 10), Fuliu (KI 7) and Yinxi (HT 6). Generally, use the reinforcing method with additional moxibustion; in the case of internal heat due to yin deficiency, adopt the uniform reinforcing-reducing method.
    Massage: Adopt the methods of health care massage and digitally knead acupoints in the light of acupoint selection in acupuncture.
    Dietary therapy
    In the case of unconsolidation due to qi deficiency, select Huangqi Dazao Gruel (Gruel of Radix Astragaliseu Hedysari and Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae ) ; in the case of internal heat due to yin deficiency, select Dihuang Zaoren Gruel (Gruel of Radix Rehmanniae and Semen Ziziphi Jujubae); in the case of deficiency of both yin and yang, select Gouqi Gruel (Gruel of Fructus Lycii); in the case of spontaneous sweating or night sweat, select wheat gruel.
    External therapy
    In the case of night sweat, grind Wubeizi (Gatla Chinensis) into powder and mix the powder with vinegar to make cake-shaped paste. Then, apply the drug on the navel and fix it with gauze externally. In the case of spontaneous sweating, grind Heshouwu (Radix Polygoni Mulfiflori) into powder and mix the powder with water. Then, apply the drug on the navel.
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