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    3 Health care of the waist

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    Exercising the waist

    Swinging the hip and waist Assume the standing posture with arms akimbo. The thumb is on the front and the other four fingers are on the back. Use the middle finger to press Shenshu (BL 23). When inhaling the air, swing the hip from the left to the right; when exhaling the air, from the right to the left. This is one cycle. Repeat the cycle for eight to thirty-two times continuously.

    Bending down and lifting the waist
    Assume the standing position. When inhaling air, raise the both hands from the front of the body overhead with the palms facing downwards and the fingertips upwards; when exhaling air, bend down with the both hands touching the ground or feet. Do the exercise continuously for eight to thirty-two times.

    Twisting the waist and spine Assume the standing posture. Raise the both hands beside the two sides of the head with the shoulder-width apart, the thumb tip as high as the eyebrow and the palms against each other. When inhaling air, twist the upper body from the left to the right and twist the head with the body towards the right posterior direction; when exhaling air, from the right to left. This is a cycle. Repeat the cycle continuously for eight to thirty-two times.


    Massaging the waist strengthens the waist and the kidney. The method is as follows. Rub the both hands against each other to make them warm. Inhale air with the nose and exhale it slowly. Rub the two Shenshu (BL23) acupoints with the warm hands for 120 times respectively.

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