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    4 Physical training
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    Physical training is beneficial to health. Nevertheless, people should stress the methods and have physical training flexibly in accordance with the features of the external scorching environment and the more physical consumption in summer, etc. For instance, it is better to have physical training in the morning and evening with more indoor activities. Besides, large amount of exercise is not suitable. Especially in midsummer, people should not select the events which consume more physical strength. This can avoid profuse sweat due to the strenuous exercise. Excessive perspiration not only impairs yin, but also makes yang qi release outwards. In this case, people violate the principle of "nourishing yang in spring and summer". Therefore, people had best select some physical training events which are moderate in amount of exercise or prevent sunstroke and lower temperature in summer such as swimming, taking a walk, jogging, setting-up exercises, Taijiquan, billiard ball and bowling. Besides, they may select the events on the basis of personal tastes and hobbies.
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