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    3 Regulating the diet
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    Summer-heat acts upon the heart. The heart is the organ of fire and the cardiac fire easily rises. Therefore, in summer it is advisable to eat foods of clearing away heat from the heart, purging fire, clearing away heat and removing summer-heat such as bitter gourd, chrysanthemum leaf, towel gourd, water melon, musk melon and mung bean which are the first choice. Besides, people may prepare some health beverages, medicated gruel and medicated food like Baihe Lüidou Soup (Soup of Bulbus Lilii and Semen Phaseoli Radiati), Bohe Lüidou Soup (Soup of Herba Menthae and Semen Phaseoli Radiati) , Bitter Gourd Tea, Juemingzi Soup (Soup of Semen Cassiae ), Jinyinhua Distilled Medicinal Water (Distilled Medicinal Water of Flos Lonicerae), Suanmei Decoction (Decoction of Fructus Mume), Heye Gruel (Lotus Leaf Gruel), Huaishanyao Biandou Gruel (Gruel of Rhizoma Dioscoreae and Semen Dolichoris) and Juhua Gruel (Gruel of Flos Chrysanthemi). However, they should never overingest cold drink, iced water, unripe and cold melon and fruit due to addiction to cool so as to prevent the splenogastric injury because of the excessive cold. In late summer, dampness is more excessive and dampness often intermingles with heat. This may often affect the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. When selecting foods, people should follow the principle of being bland and light. They may eat more wax gourd, Yiyiren (Semen Coicis), cucumber, love pea, etc. But they should abstain from fat, greasy, pungent and hot-natured foods accordingly in order to prevent yang from transforming into fire as well as the generation of dampness and heat. When preparing foods, people should try their best to seek for varieties. Meanwhile, they should emphasize the color, smell, taste and appearance so as to activate the spleen, promote the gastric function and improve appetite.
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