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    4 Physical training
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    Though it is cold in winter, people should still persevere in their physical training. This is the basic method to strengthen health. The sports events should be flexibly selected in accordance with the individual's and local conditions in the physical training in winter. The events suitable for indoor physical training in winter include health-strengthening massage, keep-fit qigong, Taijiquan, setting-up dance, and so on; the outdoor training events include long-distance running, heel-toe walking race, gymnastics, ball games, iceskating, and skiing, etc. The climate in winter is severely cold. All the living things in the universe are in the state of hiding. People should pay attention to prevention of cold and heat preservation to make yin and essence hide inside, yangqi not release excessively. This is in agreement with the natural climate in winter. Only in this way can "yin be even and well and yang firm", diseases eliminated and life prolonged. It is best to select the movements with large amount of exercise and to make the body sweat slightly when the sun rises. It is not advisable to rise early so as to avoid stirring up yangqi of the body. Meanwhile, avoid the training in strong wind, bitter cold, heavy snow, fog and dew. This can not only reach the purpose of avoiding cold and warming the body, but also maintain a cheerful frame of mind to gather essence, qi and vitality inside. This is in agreement with the principle of "preserving health by hiding" in winter. Violating this principle may incur the impairment of the kidney qi and flaccidity with cold limbs when spring comes to result in the weakening of the body's adaptation to the spring sprouting.
    It should be emphasized that temperature inversion often exists in the morning due to the influence of cold high pressure. Namely, the temperature of the upper atmospheric layer is high while the temperature of the terrestrial surface atmospheric layer is low, with weakened convective activities. Consequently, the chemical atmospheric pollutants from factories, domestic kitchen ranges, etc. cannot easily diffuse into the upper atmospheric layer. As a result, these pollutants accumulate and stay in the breathing belt of the lower atmospheric layer. At this time, the people having the outdoor physical training exactly become the victims. Accordingly, it is not suitable to have the outdoor physical training in the early morning, especially for some old people, viewed from the angle of atmospheric pollution.
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