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    1 Consolidating the teeth
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    Rinsing the mouth regularly

    Rinsing the mouth can remove the turbid qi and food residues and clean the mouth and teeth. The mouth should be rinsed every time after the ingestion. There are many ways to rinse the mouth such as rinsing the mouth with water, rinsing the mouth with tea, rinsing the mouth with salty water, rinsing the mouth with vinegar and rinsing the mouth with the water soaked with traditional Chinese drugs. People may select the method according to their specific conditions.

    Tapping the teeth regularly

    Tapping the teeth is an important method to promote health and longevity, particularly it is of more significance in the morning. The method is as follows. Get rid of all stray thoughts to relax mentally. Then, close the mouth and lips gently. Next, tap the back teeth for 50 times. Afterwards, tap the incisor teeth for 50 times. Finally, tap the molar teeth with the upper and lower teeth staggered for 50 times. Do the exercise once in the morning and evening respectively, or the number of tapping the teeth may be increased as well.

    Massaging the lips

    Close the mouth and lips tightly. Then, use the four closed-up fingers of the right hand to gently knead and rub the outside margins of lips clockwise and anticlockwise until the local part becomes slightly hot and congested. This method promotes the oral and gingival blood circulation, makes the teeth healthy and firm, prevents dental diseases and has the actions of facial beautification and healthcare as well.

    Health care with the diet

    Oral and dental diseases are related to the imbalance of nutrients to a certain degree. People should often eat fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C as well as foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin C like animal livers, kidneys, yolk and milk. Women during the gestational period and lactation together with infants should pay particular attention to the supplementation of these foods to ensure the enamel development.

    Health care with drugs

    There exists an ancient secret recipe for consolidating the teeth which is composed of 30 g of Shengdahuang (Radix et Rhizoma Rhei ) , Shudahuang (Radix et Rhizoma Rhei Preparata ), Shengshigao ( Gypsum Fibrosum ), Shushigao (Gypsum Fibrosum Preparata ), Gusuibu ( Rhizoma Drynariae ), Duzhong ( Cortex Eucommiae), Qingyan (crude salt) and table salt respectively, 15 g of Mingfan (Alumen), Kufan (Alumen Exsiccatum ) and Danggui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis ) respectively. All the above ingredients are ground into fine powder and applied as the dentifrice. The powder makes the teeth healthy and firm, and is especially applicable to toothache due to the lung heat.

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