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    5 Drugs
    Prevention,Chinese medicine,Traditional Chinese medicine,Chinese herbal,herbal tea,Nature or social or harmonious or Health.
    The drugs are divided into the drugs for external application and the ones for oral administration.

    Prescription for Clearing Away Heat from the Eyes
    , Nourishing Yin and Washing the Eyes: 9 g of Ganju (Flos Chrysanthemi), 9 g of Shuangsangye (frosted Folium Mori), 3 g of Bohe (Herba Menthae), 0.5 g of Lingyangjiao ( Comus Antelopis) powder, 9 g of Shengdihuang (Radix Rehmanniae) and 9 g of Xiakucao (Spica Prunellae). Decoct the ingredients in water. Fumigate the eyes first and then wash them with the decoction. The method dispels wind, clears away heat from the liver, nourishes the liver and improves sight.

    Sight-Improving Pillow
    The pillow is padded with Qiaomaipi (Testa Fagopyri Esculenti ), Lüdoupi ( Testa Phaseoli Radiati) , Heidoupi ( Testa Sojae Nigrae ), Juemingzi ( Semen Cassiae ) and Juhua (Flos Chrysanthemi). The pillow dispels wind and heat, improves sight and removes nebula. Prolonged application keeps sight acute for lifetime.

    (Fructus Viticis) Powder 500 g of Manjingzi (Fructus Viticis ) and 1 000 g of Huangjing (Rhizoma Polygonati). Make the drugs into boluses and steam the boluses. Then, grind the boluses into fine powder. Take 9 g of the powder by mixing it with water after the meal every day. Prolonged administration of the powder tonifies the liver, improves sight and prolongs life.

    Chinese patent medicines
    People may also select some Chinese patent medicines like Liuwei Dihuang Bolus (Bolus of Six Drugs Including Rehmannia), Qiju Dihuang Bolus (Bolus of Six Drugs, Rehmannia with Wolfberry and Chrysanthemum) and Shihu Yeguang Pill (Pill of Herba Dendrobii for Curing Night blindness).

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