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    2 Health care of the lower limbs
    Exercising the lower limbs

    Swinging the leg in a standing position Put one hand against the wall or tree and stand with one leg. Swing the right leg forward with the toe tip sticking up. Then, swing the leg backward with the foot dorsum and leg straightening. Swing the legs in this way repeatedly and alternately for 20 times respectively.

    Kicking in a sitting position Sit and keep the upper body erect. First, lift the left foot and extend it towards the anterosuperior direction slowly with the toe tip sticking up. When the leg is about to extend straightly, kick towards the anteroinferior direction with the great force applied on the heel. Do the exercise alternately with the both feet respectively for 20 times.

    Twisting the knees Place the feet against each other parallelly. Then, flex the knees slightly to squat down with the palms placing on the knees. Afterwards, twist the knees forwards, backwards, leftwards and rightwards in a circular way. Twist the knees leftwards first, then rightwards for 20 times respectively.

    The above methods may strengthen the function of the lower limbs, promote flexible articular movement, prevent and cure hypodynamia of the lower limbs, arthralgia, spasm of the legs, hemiplegia, etc.


    Rubbing the leg Assume the sitting position. Hold the root of one thigh between the hands. Then, rub from the upper part to the ankle and from the ankle to the root of the thigh. This is a cycle. Repeat the cycle for 20 times. Rub the other leg in the same way. This method enhances the force of the legs, promotes flexible aricular movements, prevents muscular atrophy and varix of lower limbs, etc.

    Rubbing the sole After washing the feet before bed time every night, grasp the toes with one hand and rub the sole for 100 times until it becomes warm. Rub the soles alternately. The method has the actions of consolidating primordial qi, warming the kidney qi, regulating the heart and kidney, making the feet and legs healthy, preventing and curing foot diseases.

    Soaking the feet

    Soaking the feet in warm water promotes blood circulation and is beneficial to the heart, kidney and sleeping. Better effects may result from the combined use of soaking the feet and massaging the feet.


    Chu Wushi's Prescription Shengjiangzhi ( Succus Zingiberis Recentis), alcohol , white salt and Layuezhugao (Sebum Suis in the twelfth month of the lunar year ). Grind the ingredients into paste. Then, parch the paste until it is warm. Afterwards, apply the warm paste on the feet. The prescription dispels cold, warms meridians, moistens the skin and cures rhagadia.

    Prescription for Moistening the Hands and Feet and Preventing Rhagadia in the Twelfth Moon 12 g of Zhuzhiyou (Sebum Suis), 60 g of Huangla ( Cera tiara), 3 g of Baizhi (Radix Angelicae Dahuriae ), Shengma ( Rhizoma Cimicifugae ) and Zhuyazaojia ( Fructus Gleditsiae Abnormalis ) respectively, 1.5 g of Dingxiang (Flos Caryoph.ylli) and 0.6 g of Shexiang (Moschus). Make the above ingredients into paste. Then, apply the paste on the feet after washing them. The prescription eliminates pathogenic factors, dredges collaterals, expels wind, relieves swelling, prevents rhagadia and frostbite.

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