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  • Diagnosis Of Diseases By Inspection Of Facial Features

    Can a diagnosis of disease be made by inspecting the fa-cial features of a patient?

    According to the theories of medicine and genetics, the fa-cial features of human beings can show the health condition of the human body and provide information about diseases. In the clinical practice of both traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the inspection of facial features has been used as an important diagnostic method for thousands of years.

    Following the rapid development of genetic engineering and chromosome technology in recent years, abnormalities in the facial features and bodily constitution of patients with heredi-tary diseases have increasingly attracted the attention of medi-cal scientists all over the world, and many useful experiences in observing the physique, limbs, sense organs, hair and skin of patients have been accumulated through clinical practice. This has further provided scientific evidence for the application of inspection of facial features in clinical diagnosis of diseases.

    Inspection of the Head and Diagnosis of Diseases

    The head is the top part of the human body, and the brain in the head is the most important organ controlling all other parts of body, as well as the mental activities. It is also an or-gan to which all Yang qi scattered in the body may assemble together. Therefore, the observation of the shape, posture and movement of the head, and the color, luster and appearance of the hair can provide information on diseases of the brain and kidneys, and indicate excessiveness or deficiency of qi and blood.

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