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Dysfunction of temporomandibular joint


Dysfunction of temporomandibular joint is marked by unilateral or bilateral manibular joint pain, aggravation in chewing, joint snap or with frictional noise, limited movement of the mandibular articulation, non-swelling of local skin, chronic duration and recurrence, lingering for several months or several years. This problem is often seen among youngsters and people in the prime of life. It pertains to the conception of cheek pain and lockjaw in TCM. It is usually caused by exogenous wind-cold attack and blockage of the meridians; or by stagnation of qi and blood in the meridians.

[Syndrome differentiation]

Pain, snap or with frictional sound and masticatory dysfunction of unilateral mandible or bilateral mandible joint in closing or opening mouth, accompanied by dizzi-ness, tinnitus and local tenderness.


Prescription: Xiaguan (ST 7), Tinggong (SI 19) and Hegu (LI 4).

Modification: For buccal pain, Jiache (ST 6) is add-ed; for pain in auricular region, Yifeng (TE 17) is added; for headache, Taiyang (EX-HN 5) and Fengchi (GB 20) are added.

Performance: Reducing needling technique is used. The acupoints on the head are needled with twirling and rotating techniques. Xiaguan (ST 7) can be moxibusted. Tinggong (SI 19) is located and needled when the mouth is open.

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