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Reflexology for diabetes

Massage therapy could be incorporated into relaxation therapy, but it also serves another purpose that can be particularly useful for diabetes sufferers. By skilfully kneading the body’s tissue, massage can stimulate better blood movement around the body. Improved circulation can do wonders for diabetic neuropathy and other diabetes-related complications.

Massage takes many forms, some of which may be more suitable for diabetics than others. Whilst some massages are particularly oriented towards massage, others are more specifically designed to reach different tissue areas. Once again, it is suggested that you consult closely with your healthcare team before using massage therapy as a diabetic, even for relaxation purposes. Reflexology is a form of massage based on a number of bodily reflex points.

The treatment of diabetes by foot therapy is focused on adjusting the function of central nerve system, thus enhancing the activity of endocrine gland function and that of the secretion function of insulin.
The treatment for diabetes by foot therapy is successful, but it needs a long-term treatment.

Reflecting areas in pathology

Pancreas, Stomach, Duodenum, Large intestine, Small intestine, Pituitary gland, kidney, Ureter, Lung, Adrenal gland, Urinary bladder, Thyroid gland, Celiac plexus

Acupuncture points

Ts usanli, Shangchuhsu, hsiachuhsu, Shanyinchiao, Taihsi, Taichung

Steps and methods

1. Press Pancreas, Stomach, Pituitary gland, kidney, and celiac plexus areas for 50 times each, with a moderate local pain.

2. Press Zusanli, Shangjuxu, xiajuxu, Sanyinjiao, Taixi, Taichong 20 times each, with the beginning from left for man, right for woman.

3. Repeat 1.

Sequence of massage:

When you practise foot massage yourself, first massage the left foot, and then the right foot.

Course of treatment:

Practise one time daily, one treatment for 90 days.. It is more successful with herbal medicines.

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