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Symptoms of lumbago

1.The warning sigh of lumbago.

There are signs to look out for that may indicate the onset of lumbago. These include involuntary bowel movements and loss of bladder control. The sufferer may also begin to feel a numbness or unfamiliar tingling in the lower back. This can also occur in the area of the buttocks or the lungs.

Another warning sign of lumbago may be slight aches and pains in the leg area. This can appear in either one or both of the legs. The pain may be accompanied by a weakness in the legs, and the muscles may seem to be deteriorating.

2.Symptomas of it

Pain across the lower part of the back that sometimes radiates into the buttocks, the back of the thigh or to the

Back pain (lumbago) may be aggravated during movement. Pain from bending forward, backward or side-to-side may limit

Limitation in movement of the spine - especially bending forward and leaning back.

Tense spasm of the muscles surrounding the spine and causing a stiff back.

With severe pain and spasm, the back may tilt to one side causing a change in posture.

The pain is sometimes accompanied by a tingling sensation or numbness in the back or buttocks or legs.

Rarely does lumbago cause serious symptoms that require immediate medical care. However, the following warning signs are
good to know: loss of bladder or bowel control, leg numbness, or loss of leg strength.

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