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TCM and lumbago

the Causative factors of lumbago and TCM

Generally speaking, the causative factors of lumbago have both external pathogenic factors, and internal pathogenic changes. Its fundamental etiology is the deficiency of kidney (yin or yang), liver and spleen, and those of exogenous factors, injuries, over-working and stressful emotions belong to causative pathogenic factors.

Pain in Chinese Medicine is often seen as disruption to flow of Qi or vital life energy, which in a healthy body can unite all parts into a single integrated whole. While different causative factors are very much emphasised in that they have different treatments, all eventually lead to Qi stagnation, which is perceived as pain.

TCM treatment for lumbago

The manipulation of Chinese Tui Na massage plus Acupuncture are very important to the
replacement of the disc since it can restore the disc, relieve the pain and increase the blood circulation in the muscles and ligaments. Chinese medicine can promote the qi and blood of the kidney; then, the prolapsed disc can be replaced by itself .

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