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acupuncture for lumbago

acupuncture for lumbago

In lumbar pains owing to insufficiency of Energy of the Kidneys.For instance, if the pain is mainly localized along the pathway of the Bladder meridian on the back, one applies moxa to the Ting point Chih Yin, which is also this meridian's point of tonification.

a. Pain owed to the Perverse Cold: Extensive and enfeebling (impairing) pain; often radiating to the thighs and becoming worse with humid or overcast weather. The patient feels a cold sensation in the attacked region. The pains prevent the patients from stooping, from rising, and from turning themselves.

b. Pains owed to the insufficiency of the Kidney Energy: First light and latent, they become enfeebling in the long run; the patient is without strength and has a low morale.
Utilize the basic points Ming Men,Shen Shu, Yao Shu, Chih Shih,Shang Liao, Huan Tiao(Wei Chung, Cheng Shan and Kun Lun.

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