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Some symptoms of heart disease such as muscle spasms may respond to acupuncture. The treatment help patients relax and can ease their pain.

Scandinavian studies showed that acupuncture can increase the heart's working capacity, reducing anginal pain and the need for medication.

Important acupuncture points include:

Bladder 14 and 15 (in the upper back between the shoulder blades)

Pericardium point on the lower forearm

Heart 7 (on the wrist crease below the small finger).

If the patient suffers from rapid heart beat (tachycardia), the point known as Pericardium 4 (on the palm side of the lower forearm) may be used.

If the heart beat is slow, Heart 5 (on the lower forearm near the wrist) may be used.

If the patient has coughed up bloody sputum, indicating a possible blood clot in the lungs, Lung 6 (on the wrist near the base of the thumb) is used.

If there is abdominal distention or low back pain, local points in the lower back and Spleen 6 (on the inside of the leg above the inner ankle), called "Sanyinjiao," are stimulated.

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