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Of course treating specifically according to proper pattern identification is necessary along with the following recommendations.

Common Points: BL 32 (ciliao), Du 1 (changqiang), BL 35 (Huiyang), BL 57 (Chengshan), Erbai (extra).

The Taiyang Bladder meridian has branches that connect with the anus, the points above regulate the Qi of this meridian and remove the Blood Stasis.

Also, on either side of T7 there are particular hemorrhoid spots, these along with the lumbar-sacral region can be 7 star needled once every 7 days.

Ear acupuncture: lower region of rectum (anus), Large intestine, Shenmen, brain, Spleen. Needles are retained for 20-30 minutes. Treatment is given everyday.

Moxibustion can also be administered when it is not contraindicated with the pattern.

There are 5 major patterns associated with hemorrhoids in Chinese medicine:

Intestinal Wind: bleeding of fresh red blood before or after defecation, blood on the toilet paper, generally no pain or prolapse; often no clear systemic pattern.

Dry Intestine: associated with chronic constipation.

Damp/Heat: associated with inflammation, pain, swelling and systemic signs of Heat; can be associated with all degrees of hemorrhoids.

Spleen deficiency: loss of muscle tone or failure of the Spleen to hold blood in the blood vessels, hence the bleeding. 2nd to 3rd degree hemorrhoids that prolapse when standing, walking, or with increased intra-abdominal pressure, need manual/physical reinsertion to the anus. Accompanied with systemic signs of deficiency.

Blood Stasis: severe or continuous pain and distension, hemorrhoids may be irreducible or contain thrombus (blood clot), systemic signs of Blood stasis will show.

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