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Acupuncture For Migraines-Effective or Not?(B)

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acupuncture for migraines

Two publications in the United States have published studies that have lead to strong, positive conclusions on the effectiveness of acupuncture for migraine relief.

1. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Under the title,"Acupuncture for Patients with Migraine," JAMA published a study involving 302 patients. Most of the patients were female. Patients were grouped into those who received acupuncture for migraines, those who received sham acupuncture for migraines, and a wait-list control.

The researchers concluded that sham acupuncture was no less effective than regular acupuncture. Both acupuncture for migraines and sham acupuncture, however, had much greater positive effect on migraines than did the wait-list control.

2. Blackwell Synergy

In this study, 160 women were studied to determine if acupuncture for migraines was effective or not. This study pitted acupuncture for migraines against the use of Flunarizine for migraines.

Group A received acupuncture for their migraines every week for two months. After that, they received acupuncture once monthly for four months.

Group B was given Flunarizine every day for two months. After that, they received the medication twenty days out of the month for four months. The study's conclusion was profound. Acupuncture for migraines won as the more effective treatment of the two.

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