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Migraines or Memory Loss?

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Migraines have often been linked with one kind brain deficiency or another, often erroneously. Seeing or hearing the hallucinations auras can bring, followed by sudden and all-encompassing pain can make even the most skeptical think they have been attacked by demons. Those with migraines in the past were thought to have mental illnesses, not physical illnesses.

Although there does seem to be a high percentage of depression linked with migrqaines, especially in women, could migraines actually help preserve your memory? Perhpas with all of the discussions about symptoms you have to with doctors, employers and friends, that gives your brain some memory training.

But Seriously¡­
Researchers at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University have been following the life and health histories nearly 1500 women from studies in 1993 and in 2005. The findings were released in the April 24, 2007 issue of Neurology. 204 of the women suffered from migraines. All of the women were given memory tests, such as word recall. The findings were inconclusive, but intregeing. Those women without migraines did 17% worse than the migraine group.

One theory is that the medication (NSAIDs such as ibuprofen) taken for migrianes may help preserve memory as a side effect. I still prefer my theory that those with migraines need to constantly remember doctor appointments, when to take a pill and relating the latest chapter in The Migraine Chronicles to anyone who will listen.

The Good News
Although more studies will need to be done to determine whether women with migraines do retain their memory better than the migraine-free, there is good immediate news - Migraines were shown not to play any significant role in causing brain damage. So, if you¡¯re acting a bit mental, don¡¯t blame your migraines

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