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Acupuncture Treatment Toothache

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Acupuncture For Toothache

Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of a toothache knows how unbearable the pain can be. What if you don't have dental insurance? Not being able to afford dental treatment for a toothache is a big problem. There are many home remedies out there, but what happens when they don't work? I found acupuncture to be the answer.

I had a horrible toothache that just would not quit. Twenty-four hours a day, I was in constant pain. The dentist wanted two thousand dollars for a root canal. That was two thousand dollars that I just did not have. My credit was too poor to get approved for financing. I did not know what to do. My dentist did give me a ten day prescription for antibiotics and vicodin.

After ten days of taking my antibiotics, I was still in pain. The vicodin was doing nothing to relieve my misery. Clove oil would give me two minutes of relief, but that was it. I couldn't sleep. I was in pain, exhausted and miserable.

After doing research on the internet, I read about acupuncture providing relief from tooth pain. I decided to give acupuncture a try. I found an acupuncturist in the yellow pages and made an appointment. I couldn't afford two thousand dollars for the dentist, but I could afford sixty dollars for acupuncture.

The acupuncture treatment completely took my pain away. What vicodin couldn't do, acupuncture achieved. The acupuncturist warned me that I would need two treatments a week for two weeks, followed by one treatment a week. Sixty dollars a treatment is a lot easier to come up with, than two thousand dollars at once.

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