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Vegetarian Therapy Treatment Toothache

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Toothache is a common symptom of diseases of the teeth and periodontal structures. It can be divided into 2 types: Patients with stomach fire type may suffer from severe pain in the teeth, redness and swelling of the gums, oozing of blood and pus, swelling of the cheek, headache, foul smell from the mouth and constipation; and patients with deficient fire type may suffer from dull pain in the teeth, slight swelling of the gums and atrophy of the gums, and looseness of teeth in chronic cases, aggravation of toothache in the afternoon, soreness of the waist and tinnitus.
Recipe 1: An adequate amount of watermelon skin.

Administration: A decoction of the watermelon skin is drunk as a tea.
Indication: This recipe can control bleeding of the gums to treat toothache of deficient fire type.

Recipe 2: Two walnuts.
Administration: The walnuts are taken orally in the morning and evening.
Indication: The intake of walnuts can control toothache due to deficiency of kidney Yin and upward flaming of deficient fire. Thirty g of walnut may be taken orally after being soaked and boiled in liquor.

Recipe 3: An adequate amount of fresh red dates.
Administration: The red dates may be constantly taken orally.
Indication: The dates can clear stomach fire to treat toothache of stomach fire type in patients with bleeding gums.
Recipe 4: An adequate amount of leek seeds.

Administration: Powder of leek seeds is used to produce cigarettes for smoking.
Indication: The cigarettes are used to treat toothache resulting from caries of the teeth.
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