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    Rougui-Lumbago Formula

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    For Deficiency of kidney yang, impotence, lumbago caused by cold, cough, dizziness due to yang deficiency, conjunctival congestion, pharyngalgia, psychroalgia in belly, vomiting due to pathogenic cold, lumbago, amenorrhea, algomenorrhea, weakness due to chronic disease.

    Features: No toxicity, no chemical ingredients, natural, extracted from herbs, efficiency ten times than raw herbs.

    It supplies yang, lets the fire back to its origin, eliminates cold to stop pain, and promotes meridian. This tea will increase overall vitality and reduce chronic fatigue or lumber muscle strain. It is ideal for people who feel exhausted all the time or are feeling sluggish.

    Main ingredient : Rou Gui

    Directions : Put the tea into boiling water (120ml), and then drink. One bag each time, twice a day, 20 days for one treatment

    Order: tcmadvisory@yahoo.com (Director Huang Yuanzhong)

    Used condition: receive positive result and no any bad reflection

    Sales volumn:
    This product has sold more than 600,000 treatment courses to abroad in recent 20 years.

    Our Service:
    1.Long-distance service:
    1) Expert online consultation and diagnosis;
    2) Health archives;
    3) Treatment by extracted of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
    4) Natural therapy self study and treatment
    5) Learn more about the TCM knowledge online

    2.Service in our TCM center:
    1) Expert's consultation and diagnosis;
    2) Natural therapy treatment;
    3) Treatment by extracted of Traditional Chinese Medicine(Order online);
    4) Expert teaching and instruction ;
    5) Practise and Master the natural therapy skills

    3. We will arrange Full-trip tour around China

    4.The Special service: contact with our experts for detailed consultation,please click here.

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