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Experts Answer Vomiting And Diarrhea-related Question
The causes of vomiting are varied, including indigestion, stagnation of phlegm in the pericardial region, helminthiasis and functional disturbance of rlung in the upper half of the body. Thus, vomiting is but a symptom of many other disorders. Side by side with vomiting, there are always many other symptoms.

For instance, vomiting is one of the symptoms of helminthes, and there maybe other symptoms like vomiting of worms, abdominal pain and emaciation; in mkhris pa disorders, in addition to vomiting, there will be a headache, fever, thirst and bitter taste in the mouth, and vomiting with bile, or even blood.

The causes of diarrhea include indigestion. The stools are varied with the pathogenesis within the body. For cold diarrhea, the stool is foamy like the juice from a highland barley cake; while in heat diarrhea, the stool is deep-colored with a distinct stench.

Treatment: For vomiting, you can use acupuncture it mainly depends on the nature of its primary disorders. For those due to worms, the vomiting can only be cured once the worms have been expelled. For those due to impaired rlung, a powder made of dry ginger, pepper, Piper Longi, Sal Ammoniacum, halitum and sallucitum, can be administered after being mixed with butter.

For diarrhea, it is necessary to discem its cold or heat nature. For cold diarrhea, Ri-lun-hu-yan Powder (Semen Punica, Cortex Cinnomomi, Fructus Elettaria, Piper Longi, Flos Carthami, Semen Malva, Radix Asparagus, Radix Sphallerocarpi, Radix Polygoni verticillati, Radix Mirabilis hemalaica and Radix Tribulus) can be given, plus moxibustion at the "Dachang point"; for heat diarrhea, Qi-wei-dan Powder (bear bile, Semen Herpetospermi, Semen Holarrhena, Rhizoma Cyperi, Radix Aconiti forrestii, Ramulus Clematis and Herba Corydalis, mixed with sugar) is the correct medication. Of course, theabdomen should be kept warm to prevent the entry of cold; light meals easily digested should be encouraged.
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