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How due to Lumbago with simple ways?

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The symptom of lumbago is pain on one or both sides of the lumbar region, and it is closely related to the kidneys, because the waist is the seat of the kidneys. Lumbago can be divided into 3 types: Patients with lumbago due to attack of cold and dampness pathogens may suffer from pain, coldness and heaviness in the waist, and impairment of movement, alleviated by warmth and aggravated by coldness; patients with lumbago due to deficiency of the kidneys may suffer from repeated relapses of pain and soreness in the waist, preference for pressing and kneading, and weakness of the leg and knee, aggravated by fatigue; and patients with lumbago due to blood stasis may suffer from a fixed pricking pain in the lumbar region, aversion to palpation and dark purple tongue proper.
Lumbago is a common symptom of kidney disease, rheumatic disease, and strain and external trauma of muscles and bones in the lumbar region in Western medicine.

Recipe 1: Walnut 60 g, and an adequate amount of liquor and brown sugar.
Administration: The walnut is washed clean and cut into fine bits to,prepare a tincture with liquor and sugar for oral intake.
Indication: The walnut tincture can tonify the kidneys and strengthen the waist to treat pain, weakness and coldness in the waist and legs due to kidney deficiency.

Recipe 2: An adequate amount of walnut (small size) and yellow wine.
Administration: The fried walnut is taken by mouth with the yellow wine.
Indication: It is used to treat lumbago due to kidney deficiency.

Recipe 3: Seven Lixie.
Administration: The Lixie is dried in the shade and eaten with rice gruel made with a pig's kidney.
Indication: The Lixie is the smaller one among 3 chestnuts contained in one fruit with a thorny shell. It can promote blood circulation to treat lumbago due to blood stasis or deficiency of the kidneys. Lixie should be taken in only small amounts by patients with tuberculosis of the cervical lymph nodes, children and women after childbirth.
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