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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Cures For Diabetes Mellitus

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    Diabetes Mellitus

    Dietotherapy is a treatment of decisive significance in diabetes mellitus, which can be effectively controlled provided rational dietotherapy is provided.

    a. Sweet potato leaves. Also called white potato or red potato leaves.Take 60 g fresh leaves (30 g dry leaves) and 100 g fresh white gourd's skin (or 12 g dry skin). Cut both into small pieces and boil. Drink in the same way as tea, for any length of time.

    b. Chinese yam soup. Take 100 g fresh Chinese yam (or 20 g dried yam) and 20 g Chinese trichosanthes and boil. Drink a bowl of this soup daily for any length of time. This soup may be also prepared by adding a pig's pancreas to 200 g fresh Chinese yam, then boiling with a little salt. Administer once daily, dividing it into 4 doses.

    c. Dark plum drink. Infuse 15 g dark plum in boiling water, then drink it like tea.

    d. Cowpea soup. Boil 50 g cowpea plus pods for 20 minutes. Drink the soup and eat the peas. Administer once daily.

    e. Mare's milk. Drink 125 ml boiled mare's milk twice daily for any length of time.

    f. Superior Chinese yam. Steam and peel 500 g Chinese yam. Mix in a bowl with 150 g flour to make a paste. Make small cakes from the paste, garnishing with nuts and preserved fruits. Steam the cakes for 20 minutes.
    Finally, coat with honey solution (the solution is prepared by mixing one spoonful of honey with 100 g white sugar and some Pork fat and starch, then cooking well). One batch of cakes may last 2-3 days.

    g. Pig's stomach porridge. Boil a pig's stomach of about 500 g until it is more than half done, and then cut it into slivers. Take rice and the slivered pig's stomach, 100 g each, and cook in the original soup. Add Chinese onion, ginger and garlic before serving.

    h. Braised gluten. Fry 250 g gluten for a while and then add ginger and Chinese onion. Add one bowl of water and some salt. When well cooked, add starch solution and continue to cook until it becomes sticky, then serve.

    Remarks: In traditional Chinese medicine, it is claimed that the mechanism of diabetes mellitus is chronic depletion of one's body fluid, resulting in yin-deficiency and endogenous dry-heat. Hence, the principle for therapy of diabetes is nourishing the yin-principle with tonics of moistening nature so that no further aggravation of body fluid occurs. Based on this idea, diabetic victims can maintain their health, leading a normal life even without relying on anti-diabetic remedies.

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    source: http://www.tcmadvisory.com/

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