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Thank you very much for your visit. It's our great honour to render you heath service with the timely art of self healing. We wish you enjoy excellent health.
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  • Enhance Bone Health And Prevent Osteoporosis
    Today, the increasing aging population in the United States has brought the issue of bone loss into greater focus. As we grow older, the loss of bone density is a natural aging occurrence. The issue becomes a problem only when a person loses too much bone density or has an accelerated bone loss that can potentially increase the odds of fractures and shorten one’s life span. Therefore, it is important to understand the risk factors and the healthy measures you can take to enhance bone health throughout your life. In the United States, 10 million people already have osteoporosis and 80% of them are women. Millions more have low bone mass, or osteopenia, which places them at an increased risk of having osteoporosis.

    Osteopenia is a term describing a person's bone density as somewhat lower than normal. By definition, approximately one out of six of young white women has osteopenia. Most of these young adults have no symptoms and appear normal in their lives.

    By age 65, about half of the women in the United States will have either osteopenia or osteoporosis.
    By age 80, almost all women in the world have had some bone loss and their bone density will show either osteopenia or osteoporosis. A World Health Organization committee has defined four diagnostic categories of bone density: Normal, Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, and Established Osteoporosis. Bone density naturally declines with age. Doctors can measure bone density by using an X-ray test called densitometry. This test utilizes X-ray sources of different energies passing through bone and soft tissue in an area of interest - usually the hip, wrist and spine. It is important to remember that the risk of getting a fracture (broken bone) is more important than the measurement of bone density. Fractures are a major problem for the elderly due to the complications, weakening and the cascades of other health issues that may arise with the onset of fracture and can lead to early death.

    Fracture risk depends on many other factors, especially age. At the same time the risk of fracture doubles every ten years. Other risks include poor general health, unsteady balance, presence of a fracture and low weight.

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