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Thank you very much for your visit. It's our great honour to render you heath service with the timely art of self healing. We wish you enjoy excellent health.
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  • Health Care Of The Eyes With Self-tuina
    Kneading Cuanzhu (BL 2): Place the whorled surfaces of the thumbs on Cuanzhu (BL 2) in the depressions proximal to the medial end of the eyebrows, and knead them with gradually-increasing force about 20 times until a sensation of soreness and distension is achieved.

    Kneading Jingming (BL 1). Put the whorled surface of the thumb and the index finger of the right hand respectively on the two points of Jingming (BL 1), which is located in the depression 0. 1 cun above the inner can-thus. Press downward forcefully and then pinch upward.Repeat the operation 20 - 30 times.

    Pressing-kneading Sibai (ST 2): Place the whorled surfaces of the index fingers on Sibai (ST 2), 1 cun below the midpoint of the lower orbit respectively, and press-knead about 20 times until a sore and distending sensation is generated.

    Scraping the Orbits. Bend the two index fingers, apply the radial surfaces of the second knuckles to the internal ends of the upper orbits, rub and wipe outward to either external end. Then do the same to the lower orbits. Repeat the manipulations about 20 - 30 times.

    "Ironing" the Eyes. Shut the eyes slightly, rub the hands against each other to get them hot, tenderly press and iron the eyes with the palmar bases for 30 seconds, and then knead them gently about 10 times.

    Kneading Taiyang (EX-HN 5): Place the whorled surfaces of the thumbs at the points Taiyang (EX-HN 5) on both sides of the face tightly, and press and knead them repeatedly about 30 times until a sore and distending sensation is achieved.

    These manipulations can be used to treat and prevent myopia, blurred vision, glaucoma, optic atrophy and other eye diseases.

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