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More American kids urged to have flu shotMore American kids urged to have flu shot
American kids, urged, flu shotHealth experts endorsed in Washington, D.C. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's latest recommendation that ..
LA Health Officials Blame Turtles For Spreading SalmonellaLA Health Officials Blame Turtles For Spreading&nb..
Turtles, Spreading, Salmonella, tradtional chinese medicine,tcmadvisory,chinese herbs,Acupuncture,Prevention,nature therapy,health tours,
"Friendly" Bacteria Protect Against Type 1 Diabetes"Friendly" Bacteria Protect Against Type 1&nb..
Bacteria, Protect, Against, DiabetesIn a dramatic illustration of the potential for microbes to prevent disease, researchers at Yale University and Un..
More Than 12,000 Babies Hospitalized for Taking Tainted MilkMore Than 12,000 Babies Hospitalized for Taking&nb..
Babies, Taking, Tainted MilkChina's Health Ministry on Sunday revealed that more than 12,000 infants were in hospital after taking tainted milk powder..
Risk Of Maternal Mortality High In Developing CountriesRisk Of Maternal Mortality High In Developing ..
Risk,MaternalEvery year more than half a million women die in pregnancy or childbirth, and most of those deaths occur in developing countries, the Uni..
Chinese Vice Premier Visits Babies Sickened By Tainted Milk PowderChinese Vice Premier Visits Babies Sickened By&nbs..
Chinese Vice Premier Visits Babies Sickened By Tainted Milk PowderChinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang had a full schedule on Saturday afternoon as he spen..
WFP to Phase Out Food Aid, HIV/AIDS Support in UgandaWFP to Phase Out Food Aid, HIV/AIDS Support&n..
 HIV/AIDS Support in UgandaThe World Food Programme (WFP) is to phase out food aid and HIV/AIDS support in Uganda, a move likely to affect over 1..
SA Launches Probe Into HIV Patients Smoking ARV DrugSA Launches Probe Into HIV Patients Smoking A..
Smoking, ARV Drug      The South African Gauteng health department has launched an investigation into allegations that HIV-po..
Herbal Extracts,Alternatives For Arthroscopic Knee SurgeryHerbal Extracts,Alternatives For Arthroscopic Knee Surg..
Herbal Extracts    Arthroscopic knee surgery, one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the United States, is no better..
Tainted Milk Powder Sickens 1,253 Babies In ChinaTainted Milk Powder Sickens 1,253 Babies In C..
Milk Powder Sickens      The number of Chinese infants stricken with kidney stones caused by contaminated milk powder soare..
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TCM Influence of Arab CultureTCM Influence of Arab Culture
TCM, Influence, Arab CultureThe traditional medicines associated with the Uygur, Hui and Kazak peoples are all heavily influenced by Arab culture, esp..
TCM Influence Of Buddhist CultureTCM Influence Of Buddhist Culture
TCM, Influence, Buddhist CultureTibetan and Mongolian medicine are both deeply influenced by Tibetan Buddhist culture as well as the unique environmen..
The Culture Surrounding Traditional Chinese MedicineThe Culture Surrounding Traditional Chinese Medicine
Culture, Surrounding, TCM,tradtional chinese medicine,tcmadvisory,chinese herbs,Acupuncture,Prevention,nature therapy,health tours,
Acupuncture Proven Effective At Treating Post-OperativeAcupuncture Proven Effective At Treating Post-Operative
Acupuncture Proven Effective    Acupuncture has proven itself useful yet again in a study conducted in Sydney, Australia that focused..
Qigong And Tai Chi Classes At Lower Township LibraryQigong And Tai Chi Classes At Lower Township&..
Qigong And Tai Chi    Back by popular demand, the Cape May County Library is pleased to offer "Qigong and Tai Chi for Your Health"cla..
Migraine Linked To Blood clots In VeinsMigraine Linked To Blood clots In Veins
Migraine Linked To Blood      People with migraines may also be more likely to develop blood clots in their veins, accordin..
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Enjoy Foot massage relax whole bodyEnjoy Foot massage relax whole body
Foot massage, relax, whole bodyEvery day, most foreign tourists who are interested TCM, come to Traditional Chinese Medicine Center consulting their h..
The Natural Health Consultants DifferenceThe Natural Health Consultants Difference
    Each year international groups come from around the world to TCM Center,With the development of society. Many conventional medical do..
A Group Of Italians Study TCM KnowledgeA Group Of Italians Study TCM Knowledge
TCM Knowledge     Today, a group who from Italy who are interested TCM came to Traditional Chinese Medicine Center. The professo..
Wonderful Guilin Tour For Health knowledgeWonderful Guilin Tour For Health knowledge
neck and shoulder massage    On Sep 16,2008.Traditional Chinese Medicine Center will receive more than 150 people who come all over the..
Germany friends experiencing TCMGermany friends experiencing TCM
In the afternoon on September 9, 2008, Traditional Chinese Medicine Center received a group of tourist from Germany. It is their first time to travel to..
The Older Traveler Come To Guilin To Learn About Traditional MedicineThe Older Traveler Come To Guilin To Learn&nb..
Qigong     A group of older traveler across the globe this summer to learn about medical practices that have existed for th..
TCM study with multimediaTCM study with multimedia
A group of Chile doctor came here for study of TCM theory, TCM obesity, headache and hypertension treatment, TCM rehabilitation. Although the ..
Theoretical System of Mongolian MedicineTheoretical System of Mongolian Medicine
Mongolian Medicine    Theoretical basisMongolian medicine, which looks human body as an organic integrity with unity of oppositeness,..
Chen-style Taiji QuanChen-style Taiji Quan
Taiji Quan      Chen-style Taiji Quan is divided into the old frame and the new frame. The old frame was created by Chen Wa..
Uygur Medicine Improve Human Body HealthUygur Medicine Improve Human Body Health
Uygur Medicine,Human Body Health     Uygur medicine too has a long history and a comparatively holistic corpus of theoretical kn..
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