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There are two kinds of obesity: Pathological obesity caused by disorders of endocrine and physiological obesity caused by the imbalance of nutrition absorption. Foot therapy is effective for weight loss and has no side effects.

Reflecting Areas in Pathology

Kidney, Ureter, Urinary bladder, Lung, Thyroid gland, Pituitary gland, Testis, Adrenal gland, Stomach, Duodenum, Small intestine

Acupuncture points

Shanyinchiao, Yongchuan, Tsusanli, Shangchuhsu, hsiachuhsu, Neiting

Steps and methods

1. Press Kidney, Urinary bladder areas successively for 100 times until you have a moderate soreness in the local part.
2. Press Ureter areas back and forth 100 times with the speed of 30 to 50 times/minute.
3. Press Lung area back and forth 50 times, with the speed of 30 to 50 times/minute.
4. Press and rub successively Sanyinjiao, Yongquan, Zusanli, Shangjuxu, Xiajuxu, Neiting points for 30 times each, until you have a moderate soreness in the local part.

Sequence of massage:

When you practise foot massage yourself, first massage the left foot, and then the right foot.

Course of treatment:

Once daily, one treatment for one month. It is more successful
with herbal medicines.

You just need to watch the movie for a few times and you can learn easily how to practise this technique to treat the disease, and to keep you fit!

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