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Study item:

     Part one: theory study
     Part two: practice study

The courses of TCM Study:


TCM Study and Tour
TCM Study and Tour

    Choose subject: Acupuncture, Tuinna, Body massage, Reflexology and so on.
      Treatment for diseases: lose weight, Influenza, Bronchial asthma, Hypertension, Acute gastritis, Acute and chroni centeritis, Habitual onstipation, Impotence, Angioneurotic headache, Insomnia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Lumbago, High fever, Obstinate hiccup, Dysmenorrhea an so on.
      Bisides,we make a suitable scadule for the lesson which you are interested according to your demand.
      We have 15 days,20days, 30 days or the time is up to your request.You could also choose diseases treatment to study.

      Base on the acupuncture you have learned, we have other subjects for your choose.
      For the performance of acupuncture, and different diagnose and treatment for diseases we offer you many chances to practices, how to use the acupuncture needle exactly, how to diagnose and cure the disease by acupuncture.
      For example, a young man who have some TCM foundation called Eran from Israel,come to our TCM Center for taiji,tuina,acupuncture in 14 days. he learnd a lot about the three skills very well.
      Some information about the study of a student from Israel,
please click here.   >>

  Besides, we will help you to arrange a suitable tour plan for your relaxation during or after the classes, so that you can enjoy yourself during your TCM study.
Of course, we will offer you a suitable accommodation according to your request.

We suggest that you spend three months to study, so that you can master the skills well.

Contact us:
Penny (TCM item master)

TCM item:

Natural therapy:

TCM study and tour
A young man from Israel,come to
our TCM Center and learnd a lot
about natural therapy skills very well.

TCM health and tour
A madam who have suffered from
20 years's periarthritis humero scapularis can not do up her hair and write, and raise her hands with difficulty. After 10 day's TCM expert diagnosis and treatment, she restored and feel better.

TCM Academic exchange

  • USA expert and doctor on depressive syndrome
  • Australia and Italy expert and doctor on Diabetes mellitus
  • USA and Germany expert on Simple obesity
  • France and Italy expert on Hypertension
    and so on

    Tour Item:

  • One-day Li River Cruise
  • One day Guilin City Tour
  • 2-day Guilin and Li River Scenic tour
  • 3-day Ethnic Minority tour ofGuilin (1)
  • 3-day Ethnic Minority tour of Guilin (2)

    More tour item:

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