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TCM Treatment for the Hysteromyoma
Time:5/4/2011 5:08:00 AM
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Herbal Medicine for Treating Irrelugalr Menstruation

In the incidence of gynecological neoplasms, Hysteromyoma and Ovarian Cyst go first. Hysteromyoma and Ovarian Cyst commonly attack middle-aged women, which are caused by the immature proliferation of smooth muscle cells. However, in the early clinical evidence, the symptom is not obvious, but when the symptom appears, it has expericed a incubation period.

Hysteromyoma, Ovarian Cyst are often regarded as benign tumor in the gynaecology, the symptoms of which include irregular vaginal bleeding history, menstrual disorder, increasing leucorrhea intermixed with blood, extremely bad smelling. Furthermore, if the tumor invades in the basin of organs, suffers will be attacked by the discomfort and pain of lower abdomen, myasthenia of limbs, abnormal urine, etc. Gradual accumulation of stagnation leads to tumor, which is due to some factors, such as early marriage, premature labor, weakness of the uterine vessels after delivery, opening of the uterus during menstruation or emotional upsets, etc.

Nowadays, this disease is often treated by surgical treatment or endocrine drugs.
Meanwhile, based on their clinical experience, experts in the outpatient department of Uterine Fibroids Department divide the disease into several types,such as blood stasis, damp-heat diseases, deficiency-cold, and the injury of Qi and blood, etc. In the meantime, experts treat the disease by syndrome differentiation on the basis of divisions, like the medicine, in accordance totraditional Chinese medicine formula from screening and trial-producing has effectively inhibitory action for the treatment of Hysteromyoma, Ovarian Cyst, which makes the tumor soften and becomes atrophic and smaller, then disappears at last.

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