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Two killers of Men's Skin Aging
Time:4/6/2009 3:30:06 AM
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When your skin appears following conditions, it means that the skin has aged phenomenon: the skin is easy dry and appears scales. Sunlight and smoking are two killers when men appear these phenomenons. In the prevention aspect, good maintenance products should prevent loss of skin moisture, absorb moisture in atmosphere or deep skin to stratum corneum and contain the right amount suntan oil.

Time leaves traces on the face, which no body can escape by sheer luck, especially to men who carelessly conserve skin in normal time. They can not wake in injured frustration until named from“elder brother”which usually is sportful immediately to “uncle”: I probably should start to use maintenance products. What is bad is where to buy? How to buy? They are shamed of buying or simply use girlfriend or wife's maintenance products.

Dermatologist pointed out that skin is important protection organ in human body which can prevent toxic substance outside invasion such as bacteria, ultraviolet ray and so on. However, in the reality environment, air pollution, water pollution, the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer destruction and so on are everywhere, which is unbearable load to skin.

Female who very fond of movement sometimes do exercise under strong sunlight in summer. They always think it is very Men in feeling of sweat dripping under the sun. The realistic result is skin becomes very swarthy and seems very healthy but is covered by black speckles with hyperkeratesis on parts in careful observation within two years, which is very disadvantageous to the skin.

Copyright©tcmdiscovery.com,Guilin Sino-western Joint Hospital Chinese Medicine Advisory Department

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