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Several Prevention Methods for Keeping Away from Balanitis
Time:5/9/2011 5:10:08 AM
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Balanoposthitis is a diffuse inflammation of glans and foreskin, which is often caused by yeasts under the foreskin without circuit cutting. Inflammation causes pain, swelling, itching, and can lead to urethral stenosis. The patients may suffer from drying balanitis, phimosis, paraphimosis and cancer.

This is the highest incidence of diseases of glans and foreskin. Almost all patients have the symptoms of phimosis or redundant prepuce. Between the glans and long foreskin, it forms a warm, moist bacterial culture medium caused by shedding of epithelial cells, glandular secretion and smegma bacilli. Once the bacteria enter, it can cause inflammation.

The symptoms of balanoposthitis in the early stages are the surface of the glans and foreskin emerge edema, hyperemia and around the urethra emerge redness, wound, erosion and may develop into shallow ulcers, outflow purulent secretions. The patients feel itchy, burning and heat sensation and follow by pain in the head of penis. After ulceration, it may discharge pus and the smell so bad. In severe cases, the patients may feel fatigue, fever, inguinal lymph node enlargement and tenderness.

Prevention and nursing:

(1) Pay attention to partial health. Clean the glans and foreskin daily. If the foreskin is too long, one should take treatment timely. If necessary, one should have a circuit cutting operation and necessary to clean the smegma.

(2) One part of the couple suffers from disease in genitals, they must stop sexual life and take some treatment timely. Both of them should receive treatment simultaneously if one part suffers from trichomonas infection or candida albicans.

(3) Avoid unclean sexual intercourse.

(4) To avoid cross-infection of sexual partners, be sure to bring condoms when having sex.

(5) If ulcers or erosions occur , one should change fresh dressing for a wound in time. The drug should be changed twice a day. Avoid the discomfort of the stimulation.

(6) Eat less spicy and irritant foods, such as pepper. Avoid smoking and drinking.

(7) For acute Balanitis, avoid using of corticosteroid creams so as to avoid more serious infection.

(8)One should nurse and use drug under the directions of a doctor. One couldn’t random dispense anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid the disease can not be controlled.

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